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Support is a tool for women to properly check the fit of their sports bra before purchasing. 


As a collegiate athlete on the women’s cross country and track team at BGSU I understand the importance of a properly fitted sports bra. In distance running, wearing a poorly fitted sports bra can cause women to lose up to 4 centimeters of stride length. Over the course of a marathon that adds up to running a whole extra mile. Support draws on my experience as an athlete and knowledge of the fashion industry to educate women on sports bra fit.  


A poorly fitted sports bra can cause significant discomfort and pain in women, which reduces their desire to take part in physical activity.  Ill-fitting sports bras are common among women (affecting approximately 85% of women) because the clothing industry has not standardized sports bra sizes among brands. Instead, sports bras are fitted to one size then proportionally scaled up (even though that is not how a women’s body works). Aside from that, women are not educated on how to fit a bra correctly.  


Support addresses sports bra fit education to help women find the best sports bras for their unique bodies. I developed Support with visual measurements and reminders for proper fit, like measuring a 2-inch  stretch from skin to shoulder at the strap, or a reminder that there should be no gaps in the armpit area. Ideally, Support would be available for purchase and viewing in athletic stores, like Lululemon, Oiselle, and Athletica.